With Jim Fortin

The International Leader in Subconscious Transformation

3-Part LIVE Training Series

October 9-13th, 2023




Discover how to change your core-level, subconscious thinking so you can get started living the life of your dreams
— yes, no matter what your current circumstance!

With Jim Fortin

The International Leader in Subconscious Transformation

…And discover the transformation that’s possible within you!

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I highly recommend working with Jim. Jim gave me the tools I needed to shift everything. To shift my internal state, to shift out of of states that don’t serve me. It allowed me to start playing big! After working with Jim, my business did more revenue in the first quarter than it did the entire previous year.


If you’re feeling lost in the world right now, and losing yourself in the noise of information, constant distractions, and your struggling to find clarity, focus, purpose ...

If you’re struggling with self-doubt, overwhelm, and anxiety, while you hustle ‘til your eyes bleed just to stay afloat …

And no matter what you’ve tried before, you can't seem to figure out how to get unstuck and thrive …

… then my life-changing Be Do Have® training is for you!

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“Jim was able to look into all the blind spots, that led to massive shifts and massive transformations in my business, my relationships, my health and my life in general!”

Kathrin Zenkina, Manifestation Babe

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“I’m 100% accountable for my life 100% of the time…
Jim Fortin’s coaching course changed my life.”

Annie Lederman

Comedian, Actress, Podcast Host

Maybe the instability of the world, the information overload, and the loss of trust you had in “the way the world works” have you trapped in indecision and sapping your self-confidence, leaving you feeling scattered and on edge …

So you’re never truly present with your partner, your kids or in your business or job …

And though you know you’re on the wrong path, STUCK not moving at all ... nothing you do (coaches, courses, high-ticket retreats …) seems to get you closer to the life and peace you dream of!

I hear this all the time from new students — and hey, I get it. Because that’s how I used to feel too, back in the day.

And when I finally made the scariest jump of my life and decided to TRUST the universe …
here’s what I discovered

The ONLY reason you’re struggling to create the life you dream of is because …

You’re working from a broken model.

You’ve been indoctrinated to CHASE your dreams.
You’ve been brainwashed to believe you need to EARN the life you want.
You’ve been taught that if you want to HAVE more and BE more,
first you need to DO more.

But I’m here to tell you —

That is BACKWARD thinking.

That’s working from the outside in — focusing on DOing All The Things to try to change your external circumstances.

Well, you’re not alone. It’s a very common way to think — but I know you’re much more powerful than that.
Because you’ve already discovered,
the way of thinking …


Instead, if you want to to attract a beautify, peaceful, abundant, purpose filled life and create permanent, lasting change,

YOU need to learn how to transform from the inside out!

It begins by changing your core-level, subconscious thinking at the identity level —
and BEing the person whose energy, vibration and frequency EFFORTLESSLY attract everything you want!

That’s exactly what you’ll get in this in-depth training,
when I teach you how to use my proven Be Do Have® Formula for Happiness!

In this training you’re going to discover …

WHY creating a new way of being is vital to attracting everything you want in life — because you cannot create a new life from the old you.

WHAT your brain is doing to sabotage you right now— by operating from the outside in, on broken auto pilot (and you’re getting closer & closer to crashing!)

HOW to reprogram your subconscious mind and change your identity — so you can permanently transform your life, and be happier, healthier, and wealthier than ever!

“I’ve spent six-figures on coaches. Jim is one of the best coaches on the planet and the absolute best coach I have ever had.”

Drew Canole, Founder, Owner: Organifi & Fitlifetv

OVER 200,000 have experienced this transformational training!

Here’s a taste of what they’re saying …

go ahead, discover the transformation that is possible for you — register right now ⤴

“I’ve been in business forty years, and as a CEO I have hired hundreds of speakers and trainers. Jim’s programs are the single best investment we have ever made.”

Virginia Cook, CEO, Virginia Cook Realtors, Dallas, TX

3-Part LIVE Training Series

October 9-13th, 2023



“The best decision I ever made!”

Working with Jim was one of THE most life-changing, transformative experiences that I’ve ever had … clarity, more joy, more inner peace, more happiness. And within the first 3 months we had the biggest grossing quarter of all time!!

James Wedmore, 8-Figure Digital CEO

Want Change? Then You must Change First.
Nothing Changes In Life Until You Transform Your Thinking From The Inside Out.

Powerful LIVE TRAINING SERIES starting October 9th

In this live training, you’re going to start learning how to change your core level, subconscious thinking so you can get started living the life of your dreams. Better health, more money, better relationships, and overall a better life can all be yours when you learn to transform your thinking.

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