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<For Your Spiritual Entrepreneurial Eyes Only>

If you were really paying close attention during the online training, you’d understand how adjusting your subconscious identity can seriously boost your INCOME and IMPACT. And if you’ve seen the PROVEN POWER of fine-tuning your subconscious identity with stories of entrepreneurs who’ve massively scaled their businesses and INCREASED their INCOME without the endless grinding or soul-sucking hustle—then you know it’s not just possible, it’s entirely doable… Especially if you allow yourself to embrace the change, just like these successful entrepreneurs have.

James Wedmore, an entrepreneur I had the pleasure of coaching, added an astonishing $1M in revenue in just 3 months and went from $2MM a year in revenue to $9MM in just 18 months. “Once I was FREE… my business took off to a whole new level!”

Drew Canole, founder of a thriving wellness company, went from 1 to 80 full-time employees. “In a matter of minutes, Jim has been able to help me shift my thinking… He’s the best coach I’ve ever had.”

“Other than John Maxwell, no one has made a greater impact in our business than Jim,” says Jayne Parsons, Founder of The Parson’s Team in Pasadena, California.

Paige Stevenson, a Realtor at Sotheby’s Fort Worth, Texas, shared, “I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stay motivated… My breakthrough was when I stopped looking for change outside of me and made change within me to become a different person. Forever grateful.”

Now, you might be thinking,

“I get it. Just become the person who has what I want, more money and impact, and I’m all set, right?”

Or, maybe you think it sounds too good to be true.

I completely understand. It’s easy to wonder if it’s really that simple or even possible at all.

But the truth is, transforming your subconscious identity, aligning it with your goals for more income and impact, is a 13 week journey, for some maybe it’s a bit more.

And INSIDE my Transformational Coaching Program, I will help you…

Unlock what's truly possible for your business and life

Whether it’s earning an extra thousand dollars, tens of thousands, or achieving the kind of success James Wedmore has seen, it’s about discovering what’s achievable for you.

James Wedmore, an entrepreneur I had the pleasure of coaching, added an astonishing $1M in revenue in just 3 months and went from $2MM a year in revenue to $9MM in just 18 months. “Once I was FREE… my business took off to a whole new level!”

Because I want you to see, feel, and experience what real transformation is… Whether that’s doubling your income, making a BIGGER impact by attracting the RIGHT people that VALUE your VALUE, or achieving a work-life balance that doesn’t sacrifice one for the other… You see what I teach inside TCP is the foundation of every satisfied and fulfilled entrepreneur who has grown their income and impact.

And subconscious transformation by understanding how to figure out what subconscious identity you need to align so you can grow your income and impact is the core of TCP. And this is not just IMPORTANT. It’s essential.
 Let me use the story of Netflix vs. Blockbuster to give you an example of why subconscious identity is crucial. Back in the day, Blockbuster was the go-to place to rent movies. You’d go there, pick out a movie, and bring it back a few days later. Then, along came Netflix. At first, Netflix sent DVDs through the mail, but they quickly moved to streaming movies and shows online. Netflix thought about what people would want in the future…watching movies without leaving their house. Blockbuster didn’t change, they stuck with their old ways because they didn’t believe in or see the new way of watching movies.

Why did Blockbuster get stuck? 

It wasn’t because they didn’t have smart people or enough movies. 

It was because deep down, they didn’t think they needed to change. 

They were comfortable and maybe even a bit scared of trying something new. 

Blockbuster’s “subconscious identity” clung to the familiar comfort of physical movie rentals, ignoring the rising tide of digital streaming. 

Their past success made them resistant to change and blind to the future of entertainment.

And because of that they couldn’t keep up when movies moved online.

Netflix, on the other hand, was always thinking about the future.

Their subconscious identity was hungry to be ahead and dominate the world of online streaming, which helped them grow into the giants they are today. 

Blockbuster could have been like Netflix if its subconscious identity was a business that embraces innovation, constantly adapts to consumer needs, and boldly pursues new opportunities without fear.

That’s why it’s super important for you and your business to be aligned with your goals.
But if you’re stuck

  • In your OLD STORIES, believing that hustling or grinding endlessly was the only way to success…

  • Habits like procrastination, second-guessing every choice, or avoiding risks are like shadows in a dark alley, whispering doubts and fears into every decision…
  • And roots such as comfort in the familiar, fear of failure, or reluctance to embrace new technologies that bind your feet, preventing any step towards change, you might end up like Blockbuster.


Caught in this cycle, it’s easy to feel like there’s no way out. 
But breaking free is possible, and it doesn’t have to be a journey you take alone.

And inside TCP, you’ll understand why it stands out against generic, cookie-cutter strategy programs that promise quick fixes and claims to solve your problems overnight without tackling the root cause.

Because TCP is not about…

We’re not going to put a band-aid on a bullet wound. Sure, it might temporarily cover the problem, but it’s far from a real solution.

I’m not saying all this just to toot my own horn or get you all hyped up for nothing.

Think of this as your FREE BACKSTAGE PASS—like cutting the line straight to success—to witness something that has the potential to completely transform the way you grow your business and carve out your legacy.

Just think about it:

  • How many entrepreneurs are stuck at the same income level, dreaming of doubling their revenue?
  • How many want to make a bigger impact but can’t seem to attract the right team or customers who truly value their value?
  • How many people are striving for success but find themselves sacrificing their personal life or well-being in the process?
  • How many business owners want growth but feel lost about aligning their actions with their goals?
  • How many spiritual entrepreneurs are on the brink of giving up because they believe they’ve tried everything to succeed?

All these questions point to big problems most entrepreneurs deal with all the time. 

But these aren’t just regular problems, they show there’s a bigger issue going on. 

It’s like your deepest beliefs and your biggest dreams aren’t matching up. Seeing this mismatch and starting to fix it is the first step to really changing things.

So if you’re ready to…

…And to live a life rich with purpose and joy, and you believe this isn’t about a quick fix but about laying the foundation for lasting change…


Discover how to align your actions, thoughts, and goals with the success you want.

And when you do… I’m 100% sure that you’ll notice shifts in your thinking and, as a direct result, in your business revenue—changes that you might have previously thought were out of reach.

Now, I could be wrong, but considering our track record, with over 2000+ happy and satisfied graduates who’ve seen real, tangible changes in their lives, I see no reason why you can’t be one of them.

Why am I so confident in your SUCCESS?

Because I BELIEVE that you’ve got INCREDIBLE power and potential inside YOU, but if you’re struggling to achieve the INCOME and IMPACT you desire…

Playing too small and caught in the grip of your OLD beliefs and biases where you constantly tell yourself stories that limit your true potential.

…Stories from your past experiences, societal messages, or even the fear of stepping into the unknown, whispering that you’re not good enough.

Let me show you how to REWRITE those stories. Because you know what, those OLD STORIES you keep telling yourself are not the absolute truth—they’re just stories, and stories can be rewritten.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re not willing to transform your subconscious identity, you’re missing a crucial piece of the SUCCESS PUZZLE. Real, lasting success, the kind that brings you the money and impact you truly deserve, starts from the inside out.

And TCP is where you’ll start that transformation. is where you’ll start that transformation. It’s where you’ll begin to see that changing your subconscious identity isn’t just a nice idea—it’s essential for achieving generational wealth and making that IMPACT you want.

Fair warning, though, this isn't for everyone...

If you’re looking for a quick fix or a magic pill, this might not be for you.

But if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, dig deep, and really commit to understanding the power of your subconscious identity, then this transformative 11-week transformation inside TCP could be the start of something big for you.

So, if you ACT FAST and become part of the 30 entrepreneurs who seize this life-changing transformation before it’s too late, here’s what’s in store for you

Subconscious Values


  • Frustrated with a lack of progress despite hard work? Discover the misalignment in your values and goals, and realign them for unstoppable momentum – by the way, this adjustment might just be the breakthrough you’ve been searching for…
  • Dreaming of a life where your work doesn’t feel like work? Start by aligning your day-to-day operations with what matters most to you – and discover the joy of a career that fuels your passion, energizes your spirit, and enriches your life…
  • Feeling like your values are invisible forces shaping your destiny? Learn to bring them into the light, understand their power, and adjust your sails accordingly – by the way, this clarity might just be the compass you need to navigate to your dreams…
  • Command the secrets to embed unshakeable honesty in your brand’s DNA – and watch as a legion of loyal followers rallies to your cause, turning every offer you make into gold…

Clarity & Vision


  • Learn how overcoming discomfort and challenges leads to growth – imagine transforming irritability into impeccable commitment, pushing past limitations you thought were unbreakable…
  • Learn to transcend the fear of external opinions to embrace your true worth – by the way, this liberation will open doors to opportunities you never dared to knock on…
  • Feel like you’re choosing the least for yourself? Realize the buffet of life is rich and full – by the way, recognizing your worth is the first step to filling your plate with the abundance you truly deserve…
  • Think changing 100 million lives is your path to fulfillment? Discover why impacting just one life, starting with your own, is a vision worth pursuing – and how this approach can lead to more profound and sustainable change…

Subconscious Identity


  • If you’re not getting the results you want in life and  business, the reason is simple – you are not BEing that “person”. This week you’ll look at the stories you tell yourself and you’ll determine the IDENTITY you need  to live from to create the life outcomes you want. You’ll create the exact blueprint you need to align yourself from the inside out – you’ll align your subconscious identity with your goals and vision.
  • Feel like you’re not living up to your potential? Discover how delving into your subconscious identity unveils your true capabilities, empowering you to align your deepest self with your loftiest goals…by the way, this awakening might just be the key to unlocking your untapped prowess.

Subconscious Reprogramming


  • This week you’re going to start learning how to use The Workshop of Your Mind. You’re going to learn how to reprogram your subconscious identity and you’re going to learn how to use your mind to change anything you want in your life. This is a powerful life tool you’ll use for the rest of your life!
  • Tired of being your own worst enemy? Master the art of subconscious reprogramming to turn your inner critic into your biggest cheerleader…and watch as doors you thought were closed swing wide open for you.

Brain Habits


  • You are where you are because of habits! This week, we look at your brain-based habits and examine what serves you, and what does not, so you can start being conscious of the habits and choices you are making.
  • Ever wonder why bad habits are hard to break? Unlock the secrets to establishing brain habits that support your growth and success…by the way, these strategies are the shortcuts to transforming your business and life from the inside out.



  • Commitments are the bridge between Point A and B in your life and business. You’ll learn how you make commitments, which ones you keep, which ones you don’t keep and you’ll understand how to properly set your commitments based upon your subconscious core values.
  • Feel like giving up when faced with obstacles? Discover how to fortify your commitment to your goals, making it as unbreakable as diamond…and enjoy the resilience that comes with this unyielding dedication.

Choice vs Reaction


  • Do you react or do you deliberately respond to life? Do you make your own choices or does life make them for you? Discover the difference between what you think you “have” to do and what you can choose to do.
  • Ever feel like life is a series of knee-jerk reactions? Learn how to pause, choose, and act, transforming your life from a reactive play to a conscious masterpiece…and by the way, this shift will illuminate paths you never saw before.



  • Keep telling yourself you’re going to work out, lose weight, prospect more and you don’t? That lacks self-integrity. Research shows that learning to exercise self-integrity increases income from 100% – 400% in 12 months with no additional input of anything else. We’ll survey your self-integrity and see where adjustments can be made.
  • Ever doubt your ability to follow through? Embrace the transformative power of self-integrity to turn your promises into actions…and witness how this commitment to yourself builds a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

Personal Responsibility


  • When you become 100% responsible for every decision you make just about anything you want becomes possible for you. You’re not getting what you want because you’ve not been responsible for making it happen.
  • Ever blame circumstances for your lack of progress? Learn to claim your power through personal responsibility, creating a life where you’re in control…by the way, this shift from victim to victor might just be your greatest achievement.

Life Interpretations


  • Just about everything in your life is not fact, it’s  subjective interpretation and it keeps you trapped in your circumstances. Learn how to discern between the two and how to release yourself from your self-imposed prison of false life interpretations.
  • Why let life’s events dictate your happiness? Gain the power to interpret each moment in a way that serves your growth and success, ensuring that no matter what comes your way, you’re building a stronger, more resilient you…

Environments & Relationships


  • Your environment, at work and home, may be hurting you a lot more than you realize. When you look at the themes in your relationships and the environment you work in, it will become obvious why you’re not achieving your goals.
  • Is your network not working for you? Learn the secrets to nurturing relationships and building an environment that supports your wildest dreams – watch as your success becomes a magnet, attracting the right people and opportunities into your life…

Reciprocity of Life


  • There’s a lot of self-deception around this concept for many. Most of us give so we can get. Very few of us give for the purpose of giving. Research shows that sales professionals fall into one of three categories on this topic. Find out which one you are and which one you MUST be to create long term business success.
  • Ever wonder why some seem to have all the luck? It’s because they understand the power of reciprocity – discover how to apply this principle in your life, ensuring that what you send out into the world returns to you tenfold…

Presence in Relationships


  • How often have you asked yourself what you’re committed to in your relationships? What are your core drivers in relationships? Are you truly a great listener? What characteristics of yourself hinder great relationships?
  • Struggling to connect on a deeper level? Master the art of presence, transforming every encounter into a meaningful connection – and watch as your relationships become the strongest pillars of your success and happiness…

TCP’s 13-Week Subconscious Transformation doesn’t just hand you a playbook; it embraces esoteric teaching, guiding you how to tap into your subconscious so you can unlock your full potential, enhance your intuition, and navigate life’s challenges with newfound clarity and confidence.

Unlike conventional methods that offer quick, one-size-fits-all solutions, TCP is about making meaningful, inner-aligned changes.

…If you’re tired of not making the MONEY you deserve, of feeling invisible in a saturated market,
…And exhausted from the endless cycle of trying new strategies that just don’t stick,
…Plus frustrated by watching others succeed with ease while you struggle to make a dent.

then TCP is PERFECT for YOU.

Here's what's on the table...

Transformational Coaching Program (TCP)

This includes:

Unlock new lessons every week to help you learn better and not get overwhelmed. This way, you get to focus on one thing at a time, and it really helps make sure you understand everything before moving on. Studies show this method works great for learning new things and making them stick.

Exclusive Facebook Community

A special group for those serious about their growth. Unlike other groups, this one’s just for the 13-week program to keep everyone focused and engaged. After finishing TCP, the community access ends, ensuring everyone’s actively participating and committed to their development.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Engage directly with expert coaches in real-time, gaining insights, feedback, and motivation to keep pushing forward.

Exclusive Kajabi Dashboard

Your central hub for all things TCP. Here, you’ll find meticulously organized resources, homework, and additional content designed to complement your learning journey.

Limited Access to Replays

Why limited? Because action is our priority. Every piece of content, every call, is crafted to propel you forward, to ensure you’re not just consuming information but actively applying it to achieve tangible results.

It’s about showing you the power of aligning your subconscious identity with your goals so you can MAKE MORE MONEY and create a BIGGER IMPACT.

I’m confident that once you experience TCP’s transformative power, you’ll start seeing the results you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re one of those who have that growth mindset and are ready to take that leap, and truly transform your business and life inside TCP—there’s absolutely NO RISK to you.


This course is recommended for anyone who wants to transform their life in some way, so yes, this is recommended for someone looking to start a business. Many participants have said, “I wish I would have had this training before starting my business!” If you’d like to talk to a current member of TCP, we have current and past students available for you to speak to.

If you contact any of our past or current students, they will probably tell you that they wished they had taken this program many years ago. Totally feel you on the nervousness of making another huge investment. Your attitude and experience about money will absolutely shift. Look at some of our student testimonials on this page. The type of work Jim does in the program is deep foundational work — changing your subconscious identity to be the person you want.

The Transformational Coaching Program gives you the tools and steps to change your identity so you can start BEING the person you so badly desire to get the things you want! It’s the program that other programs don’t teach –changing your context, NOT giving you more CONTENT. You don’t need more content, you simply need to change your context. This program will show you how to do that, and once you do, you can skyrocket.

Yes, Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm weekly. If you miss a call, of course you can listen to the replay. Jim actually encourages everyone to listen to the calls at least twice. If you miss a call, you can ask your question in the Facebook Group.  Jim and the coaches spend hours in the FB group every day!

There are many members who work full-time jobs and are unable to be on the calls. All of them have gained immense value out of the replays. I encourage you to approach this program from a place of possibility and the expectation that it WILL transform you. Make watching the replays your #1 priority (along with doing the homework and participating in the FB group). If you do this, we have no doubts you will completely transform.

During the 13-Week Transformational Coaching Program, weekly you will have homework, which consists of a PDF, Video and Audio, a live coaching call on Tuesdays and a Q&A call on Fridays. You will also have access to a member’s only FB group. All the materials inside the program will be yours to keep for your lifetime, including all the additional training videos you will get access to. You will be able to ask your own personal questions so I can address them live and/or inside the group. This really helps everyone in the group also. In the FB group you can ask questions directly to me or any of the coaches or just post to the group to get their response. It is the most active Facebook group out there, and our students say that I am the most active teacher they have ever seen (just check out the testimonial videos to see for yourself!)

Yes, payment plan options are listed on the check out page.

Yes. If at any time you are interested in paying off your TCP payment plan, please contact Customer Success Team at support@jimfortin.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We do not guarantee lifetime access to the training portal and students are highly encouraged to download and save any materials they wish to keep them indefinitely.
With that being said, as long as our products are housed inside our Kajabi Training Portal, you will have access to it. This includes our TCP Modules, which are all the PDFs, video lessons, audio lessons, and any foundational materials. The exception to this is any of our Call Replays. Those are only available for 30 days, so you will need to be sure to download that content if you wish to keep it.

You're backed by our iron-clad 100%
money-back guarantee.

Here’s the deal:

  • Attend at least 80% of the LIVE calls. If you know upfront that you can’t make it live, just let us know. We understand life happens.
  • Complete all program homework and actively participate in the Facebook Group. It’s about showing up, doing the work, and engaging with the community.


And then, if after immersing yourself in the full 13-week journey, applying the teachings, participating in the calls, and really giving it your all, you don’t feel like you’ve received at least 10x the value of your investment, simply request for a refund.
You can submit your refund request during Recap Week.

Please note that as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and to ensure we fully understand your experience, submitting a refund request will include a brief 1:1 discussion with Jim Fortin or a Team Fortin member. This conversation is an opportunity to learn and improve, ensuring that TCP remains at the forefront of transformative coaching.

Frankly, offering this guarantee might seem borderline foolish on our part. It would be easier, and perhaps even sensible, to slap an “all sales final” disclaimer on this, given the undeniable power and potential of the insights and strategies we’re sharing.

But here’s the thing… I’m confident that even just a small taste of what’s inside TCP will have you seeing tangible improvements in your business and personal growth.

We’re betting that once you start experiencing the shifts from truly aligning your subconscious identity with your goals, you’ll be all in, seeing results that far exceed your expectations.

So, yes, our guarantee is bold.

But it reflects our belief in TCP’s ability to deliver profound, life-changing value.

And we’re ready to back that belief with a promise that removes all risk from your shoulders.


Unclear Direction: Without the structured framework of TCP, you might grapple with finding a clear path to aligning your actions with your subconscious identity, leading to a sense of being lost or directionless in your entrepreneurial journey.

Inconsistent Results: Lacking a consistent methodology can result in sporadic successes at best, making it hard to build momentum or achieve the level of impact and income you aim for.

Struggle with Internal Barriers: Without the insights and strategies offered by TCP, overcoming deeply ingrained limiting beliefs and biases becomes a daunting challenge, often leading to stagnation.

Lack of Support and Accountability: The absence of a supportive community and a structured coaching environment means missing out on crucial accountability mechanisms. This gap can make it all too easy to fall back into old patterns, delaying or derailing your progress towards your entrepreneurial goals.


Aligned Action and Identity: TCP provides you with the clarity and direction to align your actions with your subconscious identity, paving the way for a transformative journey in both business and personal growth.

Sustainable Success: Equipped with the strategies and insights from TCP, you’ll see consistent results that build over time, ensuring the growth of your income and impact in a sustainable manner.

Overcoming Internal Barriers: TCP arms you with the tools to break through limiting beliefs and biases, fostering a mindset conducive to breakthroughs and high achievement.

Robust Support and Accountability: With access to a supportive community and structured coaching, TCP ensures you’re not walking your entrepreneurial path alone. The program provides a system of accountability that encourages you to stay the course, overcome challenges, and celebrate milestones along the way.

This is your chance to experience firsthand why TCP is different from anything else out there.
It’s not just about information; it’s about transformation. And it starts with taking that first step, commitment-free.

Real Transformations Speak Louder Than Promises—See Yourself Here in the Next 90 Days

These are not just stories of success; they’re blueprints for making the income and impact you’ve always dreamed of.

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I Can't Afford It Right Now

I Can't Afford It Right Now

So what you’re really saying is that even after discovering the powerful insights from our Income and Impact training on subconscious identity, you’re still holding onto the identity and circumstances that have brought you to a place today where you still cannot afford the things you want in life?
And you already know that if you work from circumstance, you’ll continue to repeat your circumstances over and over. When, specifically, do you think you’ll stop working from your circumstances and start trusting yourself so you can change your circumstances?
Money is mental. You CANNOT wait until you have the money to live the life you want. You must start working from the IDENTITY of the person you want to be, who makes smart investments in themselves and their personal and business growth.
Now, I am NOT telling you to be irresponsible with your money. However, I am telling you to go listen to my podcast episode 126: How Jake went from $4000 a month to $38000 a month in just 7 months with the principles he learned in TCP.
In that episode, Jake says that it was trying to stay safe, and that was holding him back. Just think about that for a minute. In 90 days, $3,000 will be just a drop in the bucket for you. And there is a payment plan, so you don’t even have to invest in yourself all at once.
Change your identity. Change your money. Change your life. All things you will learn in TCP.

I'm Not Ready Yet

I'm Not Ready Yet

You’re not ready to transform your life? Seriously? You don’t want any more or any better in life? You want to keep living your life by circumstance? If you’re not ready to transform your life, I cannot help you.
Being deeply committed to your own growth and transformation, to earning the income you deserve so you can make a bigger impact, is more crucial than feeling fully prepared. How ready do you really need to feel? Reflect on a time you weren’t sure you were ready but took the leap anyway.
It’s not merely about feeling ready; it’s about breaking free from the cycle of spiritual stagnation and financial frustration that holds back so many passionate entrepreneurs.
TCP isn’t some “101” course with prerequisites that you must complete first. The fact that you are here reading this means that some part of you knows you are ready. Honor that part of yourself. TRUST YOURSELF!
If you truly want to transform your life, and some part of you does, or you wouldn’t be reading this, then stop letting fear or inadequacy hold you back. Fear keeps the masses trapped for a lifetime.
How long are you going to let fear hold you back from the life that you want? How many times are you going to hand over your personal power to the thought that you’re not ready yet, that you somehow need to be “better” or “more” first?
If you think something outside of yourself has to change first, then you’re living from circumstance, and when you live from circumstance, you repeat your circumstances.
What you do NOW will determine what you have tomorrow.
There Are Too Many People

There are so many people in TCP...

YES! And that’s a good thing; here’s why: The more we have, the better. We learn through social learning, and it helps us to create a community with like-minded people to grow and evolve. There will be eight full-time coaches in the program, so there is plenty of support. 80% of people will have the same question, so all questions always get answered somewhere during our time together. Unlike other large in-person events with 5,000 people, this will bring up the collective energy so we can all grow and transform. Plus, you’ll have the feeling of a true community as we have a private Facebook group.

I Don't Know What's Stopping Me

I Don't Know What's Stopping Me

I know what’s stopping you: a lack of trust in yourself, which is fear-based. You don’t trust you can get results, and you don’t trust things will change for you, and if you keep holding that, then it’s true for you. 
Ask yourself what you hope to gain by believing you don’t know what’s stopping you. The truth is you hope to gain security in a world where there is no such thing as security, and while you’re hoping to gain something, you’re simultaneously losing what you want.
At the end of the day, if you don’t step up and decide to take action in life, no one can help you and nothing will change in your life.
I'm too busy to commit right now

Too Busy To Commit Right Now

Get off auto-unconscious DOing and fully consider what you aren’t facing because you stay too busy. I hear you, and I understand why you might be thinking this.
I’ve seen many entrepreneurs come into TCP who have been running around DOing all the things. This is usually in an effort to get something they want that isn’t aligned with their identity yet. That or their busyness is really covering up a deeper issue. 
Sooner or later, you’ll realize that the income, impact, fulfillment, happiness, self-love, spiritual growth, and all the other things that you want don’t come from checking tasks off a to-do list.
TCP is a program that will give you a different way of BEing in the world so you can align your actions with your true identity, ensuring your efforts directly contribute to increasing your income and making a meaningful impact.
It’s not about DOing more; TCP is about who you are BEing because when you are BEing the kind of person who is successful, then the result comes easy, and you don’t have to do so much.  
I don’t have to tell you that being busy all the time is exhausting and overwhelming. It’s also a great way to numb things out so you don’t have to face the things that aren’t working in your life. 
What’s more important to you: Playing small and hiding behind being too busy or joining TCP and taking the time to understand and start working from your values and transforming your life so that you can feel powerful and alive?

If you're still here and haven't taken that leap yet, it could be for a few reasons

#1 We might have hit our capacity. We limit spots to ensure a quality, focused experience for everyone involved.

#2 The window has closed, particularly if it’s past 72 hours. This opportunity is about timing, and unfortunately, it doesn’t wait.

#3 It can’t be the cost because as an entrepreneur, seeing the ROI of what TCP can do for your business should be a no-brainer. If you’re serious about your business, investing in its growth and your development should be top priority.

#4 Maybe, just maybe, you’re wondering whether this transformation is possible for you. Despite witnessing over 2000+ graduates transform their businesses and lives, you might wonder if it can really happen for you.

Now, if it’s that last point, hear me out.

Every single one of those graduates had their moments of doubt.

They questioned if they were the exception, if their challenges were insurmountable. But they decided to take the leap. They placed their trust in the process and, most importantly, in themselves.

Here’s where it gets even better — our iron-clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

We’re not just asking you to trust us without a safety net.

If, after the diving into the full 13-week journey and you don’t feel like you’ve received value that’s at least 10X what you’ve invested, or if you’re not on the path to the INCOME and IMPACT you’ve dreamed of, then we’ve made it simple for you.

Just reach out, share your experience, and you’ll get your investment back. It’s that straightforward.

So, really, what’s holding you back?

Is it fear of commitment, or is it doubt in your own potential?

Are you going to step back, or are you ready to leap forward, rewrite your story, and join the ranks of those who’ve transformed not just their businesses but their entire lives?

The choice is yours, but remember, change starts with a single step, and TCP, backed by our Money-Back Guarantee, is as risk-free as it gets.

Don’t let doubt be a barrier to your success.

Trust in yourself, trust the process, and let’s celebrate your success story next.

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